Note: Currently there is no Undo feature. Therefore any layout changes will have to be undone manually.

Built-in Layouts

There are 3 built-in layouts:

  • Force Layout: this option assigns a force to each Node Label that pushes Node Labels away from each other to create optimal space

  • Left to Right: this option lays out the Node Labels in a hierarchy from Left to Right.

  • Top to Bottom: this option lays out the Node Labels in a hierarchy from Top to Bottom.

Node Labels can be locked into position before using one of the layouts above. To lock into position, click on a Node Label to bring up the arc icons that surround the Node Label. Click on the icon in the upper-right with the open lock. The lock will close to show it’s locked. Locked Node Labels will remain fixed in position while unlocked Node Labels participate in the layout action. To unlock a Node Label, click on its lock icon.

Node Labels can also be position by dragging them to a desired location.

Display Options

The following bullets cover other display options:

  • Bring All Nodes to Front: if a Node Label gets obscured by a relationship, click on this to bring it back to the front.

  • Show Arrows: Check this to show arrow heads in the Relationship Types. Unchecking will hide the arrow heads.

  • Relationship Display: Select Normal, Medium, or Light to change the pixel thickness of Relationship Type lines

  • Snap to Grid: Check this to Snap Node Labels to the Grid.

  • Show Grid: Check this to show the Grid. Unchecking will hide the grid.

  • Display Properties: Check this to show any Node Label or Relationship Type properties. Unchecking will hide them.

  • Display Secondary Node Labels: Check this to show any Secondary Node Labels. Unchecking will hide them.