Concepts and Architecture

Cypher Workbench is a tool to accelerate building Solutions on top of Neo4j. Using the tools it provides, you can capture the questions you are trying to answer, build out your data model, and write queries to answer those questions. The model can be exported to inform the data load process to ensure data loaded has the correct structure.

In addition, it’s reverse engineering and re-use capability can accelerate new solutions and the refactoring of existing solutions. The concepts are captured in the following diagram.

cypher workbench concepts

Cypher Workbench is a multi-tier application and operates with Neo4j and Aura databases. A Cloud-based user interface is used to construct data models and Cypher queries. These tools work together and support workflows enabling you to build a solution from start to finish, or to modify and enhance existing deployed solutions. The architecture of Cypher Workbench is shown in the following diagram.

cypher workbench architecture

Each tool also supports collaboration, so that teams can collaborate and share as they perform the work of building a Neo4j solution.