General Menus

File Menu

New <Item>

To create a new item, click File > New <Item>. A screen will appear prompting you to enter Title, Description, Customers, Tags, and Notes. Title is required, all other fields are optional.

Customers and Tags will enable to search for, add new, and re-use existing tags. Depending on your license level, these fields may be hidden, or adding may be disabled.

Click Create to create your new item.

Loading an <Item>

Use the File > Load <Item> menu item to bring up the Load <Item> dialog. In the list of items presented, click on the item you want to load. The item will be loaded and the dialog will close. Note that the previous item you worked on will automatically be loaded in the canvas when you first login.

Searching for an <Item>

In the Load <Item> dialog, enter text in the Search box near the top of the dialog. Hit enter to perform the search. Clear the Search box and hit enter to bring back the complete list of items. Currently title, description, customers, and tags are searchable.

Deleting an <Item>

In the Load <Item> dialog, click on trash icon under Actions for the item you wish to delete. You will be prompted with a Yes/No dialog to confirm. Click Yes to delete, No to cancel. You can also delete the current item using the File > Delete <Item> menu item.

Editing the Metadata of an <Item>

Use the File > Edit Info menu item to edit the metadata about the item. The following items are editable:

  • Title

  • Description

  • Customers

  • Tags

  • Notes

Customers and Tags show up depending on your license type. If present, you will be able to add new Tags/Customers or search and reuse existing Tags/Customers.

Click Save to save any changes you made.

Sharing an <Item>

Use the File > Share menu item to share your item with others. This may be not be enabled depending on your license. When you click on the menu item, the Share dialog will appear.

At the top of the dialog you will see:

  • Public: Turn on this switch to make your item publically viewable by any user within your organization.

  • Copy Link: Click this link to copy the URL of the item. You can paste the URL in emails and instant messaging apps to share with others. If you have granted them access, or if the item is public, they will be able to open it.

In the middle of the dialog you will see the Users section. Users lists all current users of the item. Each user is one of four roles:

  • Creator: This is the creator of the item. A Creator is automatically assigned the Owner role as well and this cannot be removed.

  • Owner: An Owner can edit the item, make the item public, and add, edit, and remove users.

  • Editor: An Editor can edit the item, but cannot make the item public, nor add, edit, or remove users.

  • Viewer: A Viewer can view the item only, but cannot make changes.

For Owners, you can add, remove, or change the role of a user:

  • Add: In the Add Users field, start typing the email of the user you want to add. The user must show up in the list of available users, and you must select the user from the list. Select the role using the role drop down, selecting either Viewer, Editor, or Owner. Click the +Add button to add them. Make sure you click Save when existing the dialog.

  • Remove: Click on the Trash icon to the right of the user you want to remove. Make sure you click Save when exiting the dialog.

  • Edit: Use the role drop down to the right of the user’s email to pick a new role. Make sure you click Save when exiting the dialog.


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