Cypher Suite

The Cypher Suite tool is a tool for capturing a collection of Cypher statements. You can run and debug individual Cypher statements within the suite, and you can also validate the statements against a Data Model and a Neo4j database.

Cypher statements can be added manually or they can be imported using Import. To add them manually, click the Add Cypher button.

Cypher Blocks

Once the Add Cypher button is clicked, a new Cypher block will appear. In the text box, enter your Cypher statement by typing or pasting in the text. Think of this area as a document or short note describing the question you are trying to answer, or a description of the business problem you are trying to solve.

You can edit the Cypher title by clicking the text and entering in a new title. Type <Enter> to save your changes. The blocks use the accordion component, for more information see Accordions.

Selecting a Data Model

You can click the Select Model button to select a Data Model. Selecting a Data Model is required if you want to validate your Cypher statements against the model.

Cypher and Results Panel

There is a bottom Panel called Cypher and Results. This panel is shared with the Cypher Builder tool and enables you to run and debug the Cypher. Click here for more information. Note that you cannot run Cypher statements unless you are connected to a Neo4j database. Click here to see how to connect to a Neo4j database.

Validation Panel

Validation is provided to verify the following:

  • Each Cypher statement conforms to the associated data model

  • Data exists in a Neo4j database for the Node Labels and Relationship Types in the Cypher statement

Click here for more information on Validation.

For UI information on how to open, close, and resize panels click here.


The functionality of the Cypher Suite tool can be accessed via the menus:

Click on an item above to get more information.