Cypher Builder

The Cypher Builder tool is a tool for building a Cypher statement visually. You can you use an existing data model to build a Cypher statement that conforms to the model. As you build each Cypher clause, drop-downs and helpers will use information from previous clauses to help build tge current clause. The Cypher statement that gets built will appear in the Cypher and Results panel where you can run and debug it.

Cypher Clause Blocks

The Cypher Builder adds a Cypher clause block that corresponds to a Cypher keyword and it’s associated Cypher. The following keywords are currently supported:






  • SKIP


For other Cypher Keywords, the general clause block called Cypher can be used. This enables you to use syntax such as WITH, CALL, and other keywords even though there is not a specific visual component for it.

There is an Add button that expands and collapses at the top of the screen. When the Add button is expanded, a set of buttons will be exposed that correspond to a particular Cypher keyword. Click that button to add a Cypher clause block for that keyword. For information specific to each block see Cypher Clause Blocks.

The blocks use the accordion component, for more information see Accordions.

Selecting a Data Model

You can click the Select Model button to select a Data Model. Selecting a Data Model is recommended since it helps you to build a Cypher statement that conforms to a data model.

Data Model Panel

There is a Data Model Panel on the right hand side. If a data model is selected, and if the panel is expanded, you will see the selected data model. This data model display works with the MATCH and OPTIONAL MATCH keywords. See MATCH for more information.

Cypher and Results Panel

There is a bottom Panel called Cypher and Results. This panel is shared with the Cypher Suite tool and enables you to run and debug the Cypher. Click here for more information. Note that you cannot run Cypher statements unless you are connected to a Neo4j database. Click here to see how to connect to a Neo4j database.


The functionality of the Cypher Builder tool can be accessed via the menus:

Click on an item above to get more information.